State Partners

NCEA began identifying higher performing schools in 1998 in order to publicly recognize those schools and study their effective practices. Using assessment data provided by each partnership state, we conduct research on performance and practices for those states.  
Educators and members of the public in our data partnership states receive the following:
  • College and Career Readiness (CCR) charts for the state's public schools. With the approval of the state department of education, these charts provide information to educators and the public on the percentage of students reaching CCR Targets on state assessment tests.
  • Identification of College and Career Readiness Targets on the state test in Grades 3–7. This analysis is necessary to create the CCR charts.
  • Identification and public recognition of NCEA Higher Performing Schools. Schools are recognized based on their performance on the state test, value-added growth, and the percentage of students reaching advanced academic standards.
  • A brochure offering a state-level view of College and Career Readiness achievement. This includes information by grade and subject on the state's tests, EXPLORE®, PLAN®, and the ACT®.
  • All of these services are provided at no cost to the state.

For more than a decade, NCEA has conducted research on the core teaching and learning practices of higher performing schools. As part of this process, our researchers visited 550 schools in 20 states. We encourage state data partners to participate in our current Core Practice Research or to discuss partnering with us on other applicable research.

For more information about our state partnerships, please contact us.


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