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CoreWork Diagnostics: Supporting High-Quality Instruction to Raise CCR

CoreWork® Diagnostics is a research-based, online service that informs and empowers school and core content leaders to enhance educator practices, and raise student achievement to the level of college and career readiness.

From the State-Level to the Classroom-Level: What the Common Core State Standards Could Mean for You

With the recent unveiling of common state academic standards for the nation, the Common Core State Standards Initiative takes another step closer to achieving its mission of providing "a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them."

Making Your Student Data Useful

What type of data are best to collect? And what do I do with this data?

Ready For All Destinations - Conversation with the Authors

The National Center For Educational Achievement invites you to participate in our webinar discussion with the authors of the article Ready For All Destinations: Postsecondary preparedness for students regardless of their choice of college or career demands a system focus.

How to Use a Big Picture Approach to School Improvement Planning Webinar

See the signs and symptoms of a school system that is lacking a coherent, improvement approach.

Interview with the Author Dr. Chrys Dougherty

Dr. Chrys Dougherty, NCEA's Senior Research Scientist, is the author of "Using the Right Data to Determine if High School Interventions are Working to Prepare Students for College and Careers"

Measuring Progress Towards CCR, Not Just State Standards

The term College and Career Readiness (CCR) is often used, but the actual steps it takes to prepare students towards this goal is not consistently defined.

Defining the Path to College and Career Readiness: Responding to Student Needs in Math and Science

Our national agenda targets mathematics and science in education reforms. Are we hitting the marks? What are proven methods of responding to at-risk students?

Defining the Path to College and Career Readiness: Bringing Academic Preparation and Course Rigor Together

In an effort to bridge the gap between data and practice in school improvement efforts, we are pleased to announce the launch of the first webinar in our series "Defining the Path to College and Career Readiness".

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